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Acne Peel

The acne peel system is a new intensive treatment for acne prone and oily, seborrhoeic skins. This is a combination of intensive professional treatments and a home care routine. The acne peel will deep clean the surface of the skin to remove acne impurities and create optimal functioning of the skins pores to reduce acne breakouts. The acne peel treatment will also rejuvenate the surface of the skin to improve scaring and hyper pigmentation.

A course of 3-5 treatments is recommended every 10-28 days depending on your skins response to treatment.

Acne peel can treat hormonal based acne by inhibiting 5A-reductase to reduce excess levels of androgen in the skin that causes acne.


Acne Peel - Before
Acne Peel - After
Acne Peel - Before
Acne Peel - After

Before Treatment

Use the Resurfacing peel booster once per day for 10/14 days before your treatment to help to prepare the skin and enhance results.

On area to be treated avoid:

After Treatment

1-3 days after the treatment your skin may feel tight, slightly sensitive and peel. This is normal and part of the treatment process. Make-up can be applied the day after.


Per Treatment
Course of 3 treatments plus Homecare Products *
Course of 5 treatments plus Homecare Products *
Maintenance course of 3 treatments **
Maintenance course of 5 treatments **
* Homecare Products include Purifying Mousse 150ml, Acne One 50ml, Fast Skin Repair 50ml, Pure Renewing Mask 100ml, Dermatological Sun Protection SPF 50 50ml, Resurfacing Peel Booster 50ml.
** Maintenance course of treatments only available to SkinSpa clients who have already completed a course of treatments.
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