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Campbell de Morgan Spots

Also known as cherry angiomas, they are small red raised spots which usually appear on the chest and back. They are caused by small areas of overgrown blood vessels. They appear spontaneously and tend to increase in number, and it is usual to have several or sometimes many of them.

Campbell de Morgan spots respond well to IPL/Laser and Cryopen treatment. Treatment options will be discussed at your consultation.

Before Treatment

During Treatment


A layer of cool gel will be applied to your skin, and then the IPL/Laser is pulsed over the Campbell de Morgan spots. The IPL/Laser creates a heat reaction to coagulate the blood vessels, which causes the body to re-absorb the vessels. This will reduce, fade, or remove them from the skin’s surface. IPL/Laser is suitable for clients with many covering the body or larger areas of skin.


The Cryopen uses nitrous oxide, which freezes the blood vessels and causes the body to re-absorb the vessels. The Cryopen is better for treating a few larger or firmer Campell De Morgan Spots.

After Treatment

Redness and soft swelling may occur immediately or within 24 hours.

Irritation, a mild itching or warm sensation (like sunburn), may occur immediately or within 48 hours.

The Campbell de Morgan Spots can appear darker or grey in colour immediately after the treatment. This is temporary as the skin is healing.

Make-up can be applied several hours after treatment if the skin does not feel sensitive, sore, or irritated and the skin is not broken. Remove make-up carefully with cleanser and pat dry, do not rub your skin as this will irritate it.

Avoid strenuous exercise, steam room, sauna and hot baths for 4-5 days.

Wash and bathe as normal in a lukewarm shower, pat dry skin and apply recommended home care products.

IPL/Laser Prices

Consultation and Patch Test
Number of Campbell de Morgan Spots
Cost Per Treatment
2 - 3
4 - 5
6 - 7
8 - 10

Cryopen Prices

2 - 3
4 - 5
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