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Skin Peels

Mesoestetic offers the most advanced range of chemical peeling available. They are designed to correct skin ageing, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, and other blemishes by gently resurfacing the skin and stimulating cell renewal. Mesopeels can be used on the face and eyes as an under-eye skin rejuvenation treatment for dark circles and as anti-ageing to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The peels can also be used on the body to treat acne and bumpy, rough skin to produce visible, immediate, and progressive results.

We may use a single acid or blend of acids to suit your skin, which can be applied in signal or multiple layers depending on your skin needs. Treatments will begin with lower concentrations and will increase throughout your treatment course.


A course of 6 treatments is recommended for optimum results with a minimum of two weeks between appointments. You will then have several maintenance treatments a year to maintain results and improve the skin’s texture and act as a preventative anti-ageing treatment.

Acids Used:

Glycolic acid - anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation.

Lactic acid - hydration and plump up fine lines and wrinkles.

Mandelic acid - Sensitive or Asian skin types and is ideal for treating hyperpigmentation, acne and rosacea.

Salicylic acid – acne and oily skin.

Melanostop - hyperpigmentation and sun-damaged skin.

Jessner - mild to moderate ageing on the skin and acne caused by menopause or hormonal issues.

Before Treatment

We recommend using the Resurfacing or Brightening peel booster once per day for 14 days before your treatment to help to prepare your skin for the treatment and enhance your results.

On area to be treated avoid:

After Treatment

Depending on what solution and concentration are used, you may or may not experience skin flaking or peeling.

If you experience flaking or peeling, do not pick or try to remove the skin and apply the fast skin repair several times per day.
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