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Rosacea is a common inflammatory condition of the skin, which often results in red facial flushing and telangiectasia (thread veins). Rosacea can be transient, recurrent or persistent and the cause is often unknown. Several environmental factors can aggravate the condition such as exposure to weather extremes, spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine. Rosacea responds very well to IPL treatments in terms of reducing redness, facial flushing and thread veins but the underlying cause cannot be cured therefore maintenance treatments are often necessary to control the condition, usually one treatment is required every 6 to 8 months after you initial course of treatments. Around 3-6 treatments are require depending on the severity on the Rosacea.

During the treatment a layer of cool gel will applied to your skin and the IPL is pulsed over the skin creating a heat reaction to thermo-coagulate the telangiectasia (thread veins) causing the body to re-absorb the vessels. This will also reduce the diffused redness on the skin to create a clearer more even skin tone. The IPL will also help to heal and reduce whitehead and spots that is also typically associated with Rosacea.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Your skin may feel warm and look similar to mild sunburn.

We recommend that you apply fast skin repair morning and evening and the moisturising SPF 50 in the morning while the skin is healing.
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