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Pigmentation Removal

Pigmented lesions, also known as brown spots, sunspots, liver spots and age spots, are a common skin concern. They can vary in size and can occur on the face and body. Pigmented lesions can appear for various reasons, including skin damage, sun exposure, and medication. This creates a patchy discoloured look on the skin. Thankfully, these can be removed or lightened with our IPL and Cryopen treatment, giving your skin a more youthful, even colour and tone. Treatment options will be discussed at your consultation.

Usually, 1-6 treatments are required, depending on the type of pigmentation and how long you’ve had it.

For melasma/chloasma we recommend the Cosmelan® depigmentation.


IPL Pigmentation - Before
IPL Pigmentation - After

Before Treatment

During Treatment


A layer of cool gel is applied to the skin, and the IPL/Laser is then pulsed over the pigmented areas. This shatters the excess pigmentation, which lightens or removes the pigmentation. IPL can be used on single or large areas with multiple pigmented marks and sun damage. The treatment will reverse sun damage and improve the skin’s tone and texture.


The Cryopen uses nitrous oxide, which freezes the pigmented spots. The Cryopen is better for treating a few or very light pigmentated marks.

After Treatment

Redness and soft swelling may occur immediately or within 24 hours.

An Irritation, a mild itching or warm sensation (like sunburn), may occur immediately or within 48 hours.

The brown spots can appear darker after treatment, and a thin crust will form and flake away, leaving the pigmentation looking lighter or removing it. Do not remove the darker pigmentation or crust or exfoliate. Leave your skin to heal.

Make-up can be applied several hours after treatment if the skin does not feel sensitive, sore, or irritated and the skin is not broken. Remove make-up carefully with cleanser and pat dry, do not rub your skin as this will irritate it.

Avoid strenuous exercise, steam room, sauna and hot baths for 4-5 days.

Wash and bathe as usual in a lukewarm shower, pat dry skin and apply the recommended home care products.
IPL Pigmentation - Before & After
Before & After
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