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Client Reviews

"So delighted to report that my milia has vanished completely. No blistering or other side effects. I’m so glad I found you.

Wakened on Tuesday morning and realised it had totally gone!! Couldn’t stop checking in mirrors!!!😍

So Shadaya, please cancel my next appointment as I won’t need it.

Thank you for your most professional and successful treatment.

Sincere thanks." L Britain

"I have just completed a course of Pulsed Laser Treatment at the SkinSpa Edinburgh to remove some annoying facial red veins.

I want to recommend Shadaya for her professional and courteous treatments, which have been much more effective than I had initially hoped for. She took the time to explain and discuss the treatment and then backed up the progress with a few 'before/after' photos.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to others who may be interested in this form of treatment." M Fyfe

"I got in touch with SkinSpa as I had a Venous Lake on my bottom lip. From first consultation, Shadaya was professional and explained fully what a Venous Lake was, what the treatment entailed and was very reassuring.

I had an initial consultation in February 2023 and following 2 treatments my Venous Lake has disappeared. I feel extremely pleased with the outcome and pain was minimal.

I would recommend SkinSpa and will return for any future treatments, if necessary." Alison

"I visited the 'Skin Spa' looking for some advice about improving the condition of my skin, specifically around my eyes which had become dehydrated following several eye infections. My initial consultation with Shadaya involved carrying out a UV photo scan of my face which I found incredibly helpful in terms of understanding the underlying condition of the skin.

This revealed that not only was the area around my eyes very dehydrated but in addition I was incredibly freckly across my face a consequence of over doing it in the sun in my 20's. Shadaya recommended the Cosmelan treatment to me to combat this sun damage and to thicken the skin around my eyes and generally rejuvenate the overall appearance of my skin.

The cost of the treatment was more than I had initially been looking to spend however, writing this a week and half after the treatment I can say it was worth every penny. It is a serious treatment and there is some down time required however, Shadaya explained every part of the treatment in great detail, particularly what would happen following the treatment in terms of peeling and was always on hand to answer any questions.

I probably have another week left for my skin to be fully renewed but even at this stage I have been delighted with the results. I would thoroughly recommend both the Cosmelan treatment and the Skin Spa to anyone." Sarah

"In the past, I have tried numerous unhelpful treatments and products for reducing melasma and uneven skin tone. An NHS dermatologist was also unable to help me and I had started to think that perhaps there were no more treatment options. However, I discovered that Cosmelan Depigmentation was available at the Skin Spa and I arranged a consultation.

After Shadaya had carefully assessed my skin and answered all my questions, I decided to go ahead with Cosmelan and so far I’ve been delighted with the results. My facial melasma is no longer visible and my skin is much softer and looks refreshed.

I cannot praise Shadaya too highly; she is extremely professional and knowledgeable but also very approachable, trustworthy and honest. She explained that the treatment, which initially involves a professional-strength mask, would result in redness, peeling and some itching as you shed the upper layers of skin and all its patchy pigmentation. I knew exactly what to expect because Shadaya prepared me so well and I felt reassured that I could contact her at any time if I had any concerns.

After years of camouflaging my melasma with heavy make- up, I now feel confident enough to go out bare-faced if I choose to and my skin feels healthy and rejuvenated. I plan to stick carefully to the aftercare regime, in order to have the best possible outcome." Sian

"I recently got laser treatment for Acne and pigmentation on my face and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing problems with their skin. I started getting spots when I was 19 and at that point it got really bad and had to get medication from my GP. I done that for about 5 years and although the medication made my skin slightly clearer I was never really happy with it. Within those years I was very self conscious about my skin and tried to hide under lots of make-up, which only made them worse.

When I became pregnant with my daughter for the 1st time in years my skin totally cleared up and I thought that was the end of having bad skin. Unfortunately they came back when she was 2, not to the extent they were previously, but enough to notice.

I went to The Skin Spa and had a consultation and was advised to get the acne as well as the pigmentation treatment to see if it would help. I was a bit apprehensive, but thought, what have I got to loose. It took about 45 minutes and I am not going to lie to you that it wasn’t sore, because it was. It just feels like hot needles in your skin, but it goes away very quickly. For about 2 hours after you have it done it feels hot and I just put sun cream on it, but again it passes. When the treatment was finished I could instantly see a big difference. It has totally changed my life as my skin is so much clear and for the 1st time in years I feel confident going out with no make-up and that was with only 1 treatment.

Thank you Skin Spa for giving me my confidence back." Patricia Jarvis

"I started my laser hair removal treatment 6 months ago and I am very happy with the results. I can see how my hair has gone and also an improvement in the skin condition as I used to be prone to in-grown hairs. The Skin Spa has provided me with a very professional service. The procedure is done in excellent term, before each session there is an evaluation of my medical history, and how I perceive the effects of the treatment. Which are excellent, finally Shadaya makes me feel comfortable with the procedure and shows a lot of diligence while doing it." E Walker

"I visited the Skin Spa in order to get advice and treatment for thread veins on my face. Shadaya is incredibly professional. She offered lengthy advice prior to the treatment and explained exactly what would be involved. At my first appointment she also tested the laser on my face, to see how I would respond to any future treatments. At no point did I feel pressured into going ahead with the treatment. After careful consideration, I decided to undergo laser treatment and was thrilled with the results. The laser leaves small bruise marks on the area treated but these faded away after a few days and the veins were gone for good. At the same time, Shadaya treated a couple of pigmented areas and these are also greatly improved. After care service was excellent and I would definitely return and trust Shadaya with any future treatments." Julie Adams, Edinburgh

"I recently started a treatment with Shadaya - Cosmelan Depigmentation. She was professional in her approach and the treatment she recommended has proved effective in curing my sun spots. The skin on my face is improving in condition, smoothness and tone. Shadaya was attentive and followed up to be sure that the treatment worked. Because of her success, I plan to take further treatment." Hameed Alrashid

"Hi Shadaya, The Moisturiser 'AVST1', that you suggested me, is really good. No more that dry peeling skin + skin is looking fresh. Thanks a lot for this help. Regards," Prasoon

"Getting laser treatment at Skin Spa was a really positive experience for me Shadaya was helpful and reassuring during the process and I’m much less self conscious now. I would recommend Skin Spa to anybody considering laser treatments." LM

"I recently had a laser treatment for the thread veins on my legs, I was quite nervous about getting the treatment done, but Shadaya instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease. She thoroughly explained the treatment and how it would work for me in a way that I could understand. The treatment itself was slightly uncomfortable, but I am so pleased with the results and after only one treatment! I will defiantly be coming back for more treatments with results like this, it’s amazing. Thank You Shadaya." Mrs Buist

"Excellent Service." Elizabeth Hughes

"Excellent service, Shadaya is very knowledgeable in her specialised field went beyond basic service - extended her knowledge in a very helpful manner." Tricia King

"Shadaya gave an awesome facial and massage, gave great advice was friendly and relaxing." Amber Fleur Riggs
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