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Spider Naevi

Spider Naevi are small clumps of veins which appear on the surface of the skin, they are called spider Naevi due to their appearance, a central red papule with small feeding capillary legs. They are commonly found on the face, upper body, back of hands and arms. Spider Naevi can be easily treated with both our IPL and Nd:Yag laser, most clients require 1 - 3 treatments.

During the treatment a layer of cool gel will applied to your skin and then the IPL/Laser is pulsed over the spider naevi. The IPL/Laser creates a heat reaction to thermo-coagulate the spider naevi this causes the body to re-absorb the blood vessels.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Your skin may look slightly pinkish and feel warm like mild sunburn which normally settles within a few hours.
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