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Laser Leg Vein Removal

Thread veins on the legs occur in around 40% of women and 15% of men; this is a common cosmetic concern and can be effectively treated with Laser. You may require 3-6 treatments depending on how your veins respond to the treatment.

Treatments are typically carried out every 6-10 weeks, and results may be visible around 10-15 weeks after your last treatment.

Laser Leg Vein Removal - Before
Laser Leg Vein Removal - After

Before Treatment

During Treatment

The laser is pulsed along the thread veins to create a heat reaction and coagulate the blood under the skin. The body will then reabsorb the thread veins which will reduce/remove them from the surface of the skin. Over multiple treatments.

After Treatment

Irritation, a mild itching or warm sensation (like sunburn), may occur immediately or within 48 hours.

The thread veins can appear darker or grey immediately after the treatment. This is temporary as the skin is healing.

They may have crusts or fine scabs forming after the treatment. This is normal, do not remove it and allow the skin to heal.

Avoid strenuous exercise, steam room, sauna and hot baths for 4-5 days.

Wash and bathe as usual in a lukewarm shower, pat dry skin and apply the recommended home care products.


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Course of 6 Treatments
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